MUSIC NEWS 2016 ---> OPSIS THE BRAND NEW 12 TRACK CD, HAS BEEN RELEASED WORLDWIDE AND IS NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON, CD BABY, iTUNES, TARGET, BEST BUY, WALMART, RHAPSODY & OVER 80 ONLINE MUSIC OUTLETS...! both the Physical CD & individual digital downloads... NEW PROJECTS ON THE MAKING ARE: ARTEX Pop Rock CD ALBUM  ---   "SPRANG", "A HUNCH", "THE RAIN BEHIND HER EYES" and The heavy, bluesy tune "HAVE YOU GOT TIME TO KNOW?" These are some of Exavier's newest guitar works!  ----   ALSO THE 2017 RELEASES OF THE FULLY LOADED LATIN-DANCE ALBUMS: "TROPICANIA", "ADIOS MI AMOR" And "LATIN HEARTS". ALSO THE NEW CD-DVD RELEASE   ---   "SYNESTHETIC METAFORCE" A unique Sci-Fi -Rock themed electronic guitar album, available on CD & DVD   ---    For artist booking, info and management Phone: (904) 428-4481 email: exavier@fantasman.com  ----> JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.


"Aranjuez Sci-Fi" - Exavier Rivas

 Available at CD Baby, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Rhapsody, iTunes 

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