MUSIC NEWS 2015 ---> The ARTEX album is on the making   --- NEW SONGS:-> "007 WEAPONS OF LOVE", "STORMY MAY", CHECK POINT, "ALL I HAVE IS ME", "DOWN ON LOVE BLUES", "WAITING FOR HER DREAM WIN", "THE WORLD BLOWS MY MIND", "SUNFLASHED", "ARANJUEZ SCI-FI"  & "ENTERING A BLACK HOLE"  ---   "SPRANG", "A HUNCH", "A TRACE OF BAD FEELINGS", "THE RAIN BEHIND HER EYES" and "OPSIS" are Exavier's newest guitar works  ----   "TROPICANIA" a NEW CD RELEASE   ---   "SYNESTHETIC METAFORCE" A unique Sci-Fi -Rock themed electronic guitar album, available on CD & DVD   ---    For artist booking, info and management Phone: (904) 428-4481 email: exavier@fantasman.com


"Aranjuez Sci-Fi" - Exavier Rivas
For Adela's Love - Exavier Rivas 
Exavier on the vintage Roland systems GR-500 & SH-102

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