FANTASMAN LABEL (ASCAP) MUSIC NEWS 2018 ---> Special featured YouTube presentations LIVE REHEARSALS 2018 for my new Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy album (links on this page)  "SUNFLASHED" is almost here! --- New latin music album: "TROPICANIA" Release date July 19 2017 --- The new single "We Are Nothing" was released in June 2017 and is now available as digital download ---   "Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy" will be released May/2018 ---  "A Found Paradise" single was released Jan/2017/ a Chill-Out / Hypnotic / Trance / Electronica / Trip / Dance available now for Digital Dowload $0.99   "FELICIDADES" A Latin/Club-Dance/Pop-Rock en español with 10 original songs album is NOW available on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon + many more online music stores. ---  "SYNESTHETIC METAFORCE" A unique Sci-Fi -Rock/Ambient album with 12  electronic guitar soundtracks, available NOW at Spotify - Apple Music - CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon & many other online music download outlets, $9.99 album or $.99 cents idividual songs. --- The new CD album "OPSIS" is NOW available on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon, + many more online music stores! Containing 10 original songs by Exavier Rivas and featuring Robert Bartolotta on vocals, keyboards & synthesizers, a 55 minutes journey of eclectic songs... both the full album $9.99 or individual songs $.99 cents each will be available for digital downloads... ----  New Album 2018: "ULTRA SIGHTS OF ECSTASY" and  "LATIN HEARTS".  ---  For artist's information contact exavier@fantasman.com  ---->

"Tropicania" -  Preview tracks sampler OR select albums on above player
'OPSIS" Available on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon,Spotify + many more online music outlets! -> Preview Songs
"We Are Nothing" NOW on CD-BABY, iTunes, Apple + many more online digital music outlets! -> Preview Songs Full vocal & instrumental tracks
"A Found Paradise" - Chill-Out / Hypnotic / Trance / Electronica / Trip / Dance.
The 1st 2017 new composition by Exavier Rivas: Guitar synthesizer / Electric Guitar / Percussion / Bass & Strange Tribal Chants.
Available on... Spotify - Apple Music - Rhapsody - iTunes - Google Music & many more online outlets!
To Preview & Download click here

A Latin/Club-Dance/Pop-Rock en Español 10 songs Album. 

Available NOW on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon + many more online music outlets! ->  Preview Songs

"SYNESTHETIC METAFORCE" The New album is NOW available at  

CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon & many more online music stores!

-> Preview album here

"SUNFLASHED" New Rock Album ---> Preview video here

"Journey Of Visions" - Coming soon! Featuring Misha Penton; Vocals & Flute, Dave Eichenberger; 

guitar synths & loopings. Dave Perlow; Piano and Ralph Tarr; Percussions. 

*Recorded live in Clearwater, Florida. 

"Synesthetic Metaforce" - A Sci-Fi themed album - Available NOW on CD-Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google, Apple, Rhapsody, Spotify

 + many more online digital download music outlets!  -> Preview Soundtracks

"007 THE WEAPONS OF LOVE" Coming Soon... Featuring Robert Bartolotta on Vocals


Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy Special featured YouTube presentations (Live Video rehearsals)





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