FANTASMAN LABEL (ASCAP) MUSIC NEWS 2018 ---> Special featured YouTube presentations LIVE REHEARSALS 2018 for my new Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy album (links on this page)  My full album "SUNFLASHED" with 13 tracks has been released and is available at music download stores now...!!! --- New latin music album: "TROPICANIA" Release date July 19 2017 --- The new single "We Are Nothing" was released in June 2017 and is now available as digital download ---   "Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy" will be released May/2018 ---  "A Found Paradise" single was released Jan/2017/ a Chill-Out / Hypnotic / Trance / Electronica / Trip / Dance available now for Digital Dowload $0.99   "FELICIDADES" A Latin/Club-Dance/Pop-Rock en español with 10 original songs album is NOW available on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon + many more online music stores. ---  "SYNESTHETIC METAFORCE" A unique Sci-Fi -Rock/Ambient album with 12  electronic guitar soundtracks, available NOW at Spotify - Apple Music - CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon & many other online music download outlets, $9.99 album or $.99 cents idividual songs. --- The new CD album "OPSIS" is NOW available on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon, + many more online music stores! Containing 10 original songs by Exavier Rivas and featuring Robert Bartolotta on vocals, keyboards & synthesizers, a 55 minutes journey of eclectic songs... both the full album $9.99 or individual songs $.99 cents each will be available for digital downloads... ----  New Album 2018: "ULTRA SIGHTS OF ECSTASY" and  "LATIN HEARTS".  ---  For artist's information contact exavier@fantasman.com  ---->

"Tropicania" -  Preview tracks sampler OR select albums on above player
'OPSIS" Available on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon,Spotify + many more online music outlets! -> Preview Songs
"We Are Nothing" NOW on CD-BABY, iTunes, Apple + many more online digital music outlets! -> Preview Songs Full vocal & instrumental tracks
"A Found Paradise" - Chill-Out / Hypnotic / Trance / Electronica / Trip / Dance.
The 1st 2017 new composition by Exavier Rivas: Guitar synthesizer / Electric Guitar / Percussion / Bass & Strange Tribal Chants.
Available on... Spotify - Apple Music - Rhapsody - iTunes - Google Music & many more online outlets!
To Preview & Download click here

A Latin/Club-Dance/Pop-Rock en Español 10 songs Album. 

Available NOW on CD-BABY, iTunes, Amazon + many more online music outlets! ->  Preview Songs

"SYNESTHETIC METAFORCE" The New album is NOW available at  

CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon & many more online music stores!

-> Preview album here

"SUNFLASHED" New Rock Album ---> Preview video here

"Journey Of Visions" - Coming soon! Featuring Misha Penton; Vocals & Flute, Dave Eichenberger; 

guitar synths & loopings. Dave Perlow; Piano and Ralph Tarr; Percussions. 

*Recorded live in Clearwater, Florida. 

"Synesthetic Metaforce" - A Sci-Fi themed album - Available NOW on CD-Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google, Apple, Rhapsody, Spotify

 + many more online digital download music outlets!  -> Preview Soundtracks

"007 THE WEAPONS OF LOVE" Coming Soon... Featuring Robert Bartolotta on Vocals


Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy Special featured YouTube presentations (Live Video rehearsals)

I Know Exactly What To Do     https://youtu.be/cqNcz4AFrG8

Ultra Sights Of Ecstasy     https://youtu.be/6ffdvxVgQDw

Sprang     https://youtu.be/OCf6CyACWxI


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